Pravette Ergonomic Footrest [Product Review]

Pravette Ergonomic Footrest [Product Review]

Pravette has a new ergonomic footrest designed for both travel and under-desk usage. Though this hammock footrest is considerably comfortable, it also provides a few health benefits that could be good!


Among some of the benefits of the ergonomic footrest, one includes reducing DVT risks for traveling on flights, and improving circulation by raising the legs and reducing swelling. For at-home use, it’s perfect for under a desk to give a bit of relaxation to your work life. The straps on the footrest go from 17 inches to 32 inches, so it can be adjusted for height.

As a bonus to the footrest, it ships with a memory foam eye-mask that reduces light intake when napping or traveling, aiding in the relaxation process.

Memory Foam Eye Mask

When taking this on the go, the footrest has it’s own personal bag that it folds up into, while the eye mask has a separate bag for travel. While this is definitely something to use on the go, it doesn’t always have to be used, and can just be available when you feel the need to elevate your feet and improve the circulation.

Traveling Bags

You can get your hands on the Pravette ergonomic footrest directly from Amazon!

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