Beeswax Food Wrap [Product Review]

Beeswax Food Wrap [Product Review]

With everyone being more environmentally friendly, companies are developing new beeswax food storage wraps to replace the classic plastic and tinfoil wraps. These natural alternative wraps keep food fresh and are entirely re-usable with slight cleaning.

A few benefits to these types of storage wraps is that they are antibacterial with antioxidants thanks to the beeswax and jojoba oil. Because of this, the beeswax wraps don’t hold the smell of the food.

As for the product, it is entirely made with organic cotton, natural beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. To mold the wrap around the food, you work it in your hands for a few minutes, and it develops heat that lets the wrap stick to itself. As it cools, it stays stuck protecting the food.

When taking care of the beeswax wraps, you wash them in cool water with dish soap, and they are reusable for up to a year.

Personally I think this product could be really handy in limiting the amount of trash and waste the world produces, and giving something that is organic and totally re-usable. Just have to remember not to throw it out!

You can try the beeswax natural food wrap directly here from Amazon, which ships with Prime!

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