Fortnite Season 6 Launches Today; Adds Pets

Fortnite Season 6 kicks off today with another massive update for the newest season. Among other changes, this new season gives the map a spooky Halloween makeover, adds a new power-up that turns players into ghosts, and adds cute pets that ride on your back.

Chills and thrills.

In the build-up to Season 6, a giant rune-covered cube slowly made its way across the map before dissolving into Loot Lake. Now the lake has launched an island into the sky, accessible via a swirling vortex in the lake. The rest of the map has received a spooky makeover with haunted castles, eerie forests, and more.

One new feature added in this Season is a new power-up. Shadow Stones act as a personal portal to another dimension, transforming characters into ghostly forms. Characters in this form are more agile and invisible when standing still, but relinquish the ability to use weapons until it wears off or they voluntarily cancel it early.

Those who purchase the Season Pass and level up their battle pass get access to a new kind of back accessory: pets! Fortnite currently has three pets available. There’s Bonesy the dog at level 12, Camo the chameleon at level 29 and Scales the tiny dragon at level 43. The pets act as purely aesthetic accessories that react to events that happen in game. Some of them make noise, but it can only be heard by the owner and friendly players, preventing them from betraying your position.

There are also a variety of smaller changes. Some weapons, such as the Suppressed SMG and Impulse Grenades, have been put in the Vault. They might return at a later date, though. In addition, Epic Games has given console players the option to make custom control bindings. Finally, a new control-based matchmaking algorithm is now on the console versions of Fortnite. This means that players who use controllers are put into matchmaking pools with other controller users. This also applies to keyboard players.

Read the full patch notes here.

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