Horror Game ‘Last Year: The Nightmare’ Trailer Released

Horror Game ‘Last Year: The Nightmare’ Trailer Released

After four years of development, fans of the 5v1 survival-horror game, Last Year: The Nightmare, has finally received a trailer for the upcoming release on Discord.

A Different Take On Survival-Horror

Made in the same spirit of other 5v1 survival-horror games, Last Year: The Nightmare pits five survivors against one killer. Initially pitched via kickstarter in November of 2014, Last Year would have been the first of its kind. Unfortunately, delays in the development process, as well as legal issues, pushed back development from a promised 2016 release.

Despite the growing competition, it may have been a blessing more than a curse for Last Year to be released. Dead by Daylight is fun, and what makes it so great is the amount of different killers that are from established universes such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. However, the model and texture quality isn’t quite there. The same can be said for Friday the 13th, but it at least has a few more in-game mechanics to it. Sadly, there isn’t much to choose from when it comes to killers because it’s just Jason.

If Last  Year delivers, it’s set to be an intense upgrade from the afformentioned games. With the killer having the ability to pop out anywhere, even the skylight, it will make matches intense and much more horrifying. What I also enjoy is that it’s set to have a class system for the survivors, each one fulfilling a certain role on the team.

Development Hell

Since its announcement, we have seen similar games released such as 2016’s Dead by Daylight and 2017’s Friday the 13th the video game.  In fact, Friday the 13th creators were the cause of one of the delays as they sent a cease and desist order to creator James Matthew Wearing for using a masked killer as one of his characters in the game. You know, because there’s only one hockey masked killer out there, and there can ever only be one.

Years went by, and the slow trickle of updates put backers on edge. Would the game ever come out? Would it be as good as promised? Supporters had their doubts, and we saw a shift when James announced that the title had been rebranded after hiring more staff. Instead of calling it Last Year, he titled it Last Year: The Nightmare and promised it would be a more polished product.

Darkness On The Horizon

Aside from a few more pieces of artwork, there were only more promises being made and patience being begged of supporters. That all ended today when the first trailer finally dropped.

Although it’s only a cinematic trailer, you really get a feel for what direction the game is going in. It looks polished and scary. They’re showing off mechanics that they promised would be implemented in the game. There’s still no official release date for when it will be released. However, according to the trailer, it will be next month some time via Discord with a Steam release soon after. Hopefully, it will deliver all it promised and more. You can check out the official website here or the kickstarter here.

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