INNX Suede Couch Cover [Product Review]

INNX Suede Couch Cover [Product Review]

INNX has a new suede couch and chair cover to keep your precious furniture safe from animals and stains. This cover is not only comfortable and soft, but is usable on numerous sizes of furniture.

The options for the INNX suede cover include chair, loveseat, and couch – all ranging in different sizes.

  • Sofa Chair – 23 x 74 inches
  • Loveseat – 47 x 74 inches
  • Sofa/Couch – 69 x 74 inches

Because of the many options, you should buy one that fits the right size of your furniture. If it’s too baggy it could fall off and the straps would be useless, and too small wouldn’t sufficiently cover the right area. You could put this on top of the most comfortable sun lounger as well.

To take care of the cover, it’s machine wash cold on gentle cycle, and air drying by hanging it. Bleaching it is not recommended since it will ruin the suede material.

If you have kids, animals, or prone to staining furniture, this cover would be perfect for keeping the furniture in new condition while looking and feeling nice.

You can get your INNX cover today from Amazon!

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