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The Doctor is… Out? Rosario Dawson’s Future in the MCU in Question

The Doctor is… Out? Rosario Dawson’s Future in the MCU in Question

Despite making 5 appearances in Marvel’s Netflix Universe, it would appear that Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple isn’t going to make a return.

Fans have fallen in Love with Claire Temple. After her first appearance in Daredevil’s first season, she became the glue holding the fledgling universe together, before transitioning into a key part of Luke Cage’s overall storyline. She later made appearances in Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders, making her the most frequent character to appear in the MNU.

In an appearace at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, Dawson reflected on her final scene as Claire, during Luke Cage’s stellar sophomore season.

“I felt really grateful because Cheo Hodari Coker was the showrunner, and it was kind of looking like, at least for that season, who knows if I’ll come back again? This was looking like it was going to be a big final scene for Claire, and it was really a culmination of three years and being on five different shows.”Rosario Dawson

Dawson has stated before that she isn’t sure if she’ll return to the MCU, but this time, she seemed quite definitive about it.

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