Minecraft: Dungeons Announced at Minecon Earth

Minecraft: Dungeons Announced at Minecon Earth

During the Minecon Earth livesteam last Saturday, Mojang unveiled a new game set in the Minecraft universe. Titled Minecraft: Dungeons, the new game is a dungeon crawler expected to release sometime in 2019.

Voxel spelunking.

Last weekend’s Minecon event revealed a new spin-off game in the Minecraft universe:

Details are scarce so far, but the game is said to be a four-player action-adventure game. A piece taken from the announcement on the official Minecraft website reads:

It’s an all-new action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, where you’ll constantly discover new weapons and items that will help you defeat a ruthless swarm of new-and-nasty mobs. You’ll fight or flee through canyons, swamps and – of course – mines!

You can brave the dungeons alone, or team up with friends. Up to four players can battle together through action-packed, treasure-stuffed, wildly varied levels, all in an epic quest to save the villagers and take down the evil Arch-Illager!

Before the trailer, a developer interview revealed that the game will have locations and environments not seen in Minecraft. There’ll also be new items and new monsters in the game, as well. The game will apparently play as a top-down dungeon crawler with hack and slash elements. Minecraft: Dungeons is being made in the team’s home base in Sweden.

Minecraft: Dungeons is coming to PC sometime in 2019. There’s no word so far of a console release, but it’s likely to appear there.

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