Inside and Limbo Studio Playdead Teases Details on Sci-Fi Game

Inside and Limbo Studio Playdead Teases Details on Sci-Fi Game

Playdead, the studio behind indie classics Limbo and Inside shared some information about their upcoming title. In an interview with the Danish website ‘ComputerWorld,’ the studio’s founder said their new game will be a sci-fi title.

Currently in “idea-developing” phase.

A thread on the website ‘ResetEra’ posted information on an interview with Playdead. In it, studio founder and director Arnt Jensen spoke a bit about their next project. Translated from the interview’s original Danish, he said:

Ideas come from everywhere—from everyone in the company. The next game [is] a fairly lonely sci-fi game [set] somewhere in the universe.

The article pointed out that the game is still in an “open, idea-developing” phase. However, the sci-fi concept lines up with the concept art released in January last year.

The interview also revealed some details on the structure of Playdead. The company has about 40 employees, roughly split evenly between young designers and industry veterans. Arnt also talked about the company’s relaxed working structure:

No design manuals are used at Playdead. Even scheduling is very free. Especially the experienced [designers] think it’s really cool that there are no deadlines. They are required to be completely self-motivated. The team is expected to take ownership of the project and assist and support each other.

Arnt and Playdead producer Mads Wibroe also discussed the large gap between the release of Limbo and Inside:

We try to keep production fresh all the time by having new ideas… There is no one who says: ‘It’s a shame that your game is not done, but it has to be released now.’

Playdead is currently working to have a small gameplay demo for the project for internal use at the start of 2019.

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