‘Birds of Prey’ Cast Released

‘Birds of Prey’ Cast Released

DC Films’ upcoming all-female superhero flick, Birds of Prey, is receiving some pretty good casting.

Birds Of A Feather

Back in 2002, we got a taste for the ladies of Gotham but, sadly, it only lasted 13 episodes. However, hope is not lost! Announced back in 2016, DC Films’ upcoming film based on the Birds of Prey comics is in the works. Finally, we have the majority of our main cast released!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be playing Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. Huntress. Mary is mostly known as playing Ramona, one of the main characters of Scott Pilgrim VS the World. Huntress. It doesn’t seem like her background will be the same as it was in the TV show. She was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman which gave her the ability to really kick some criminal butt! With the lack of the Kyle surname, I think it’s safe to assume this will not be the case in the film.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell will be Dinah Lance, a.k.a. Black Canary. Jurnee is probably best known for her role as Nicole from the True Blood series. Dinah was absent in the TV show version of the BoP, but it’s been confirmed she will be a part of the team in the film. It’s exciting to see the character finally featured in a film as she has a huge presence in the comics as well in countless DC animated shows.

Rosie Perez will be playing detective Renee Montoya. Ms. Pereze is an acting legend, blazing the path for Latina actresses in Holywood. Montoya is an openly gay Gotham PD cop that is at one time in the comics romantically involved with Batwoman. It will be great to see Montoya play a bigger role since she’s usually used as a background character in most of the Gotham based comics. There’s been no word if Batwoman will be involved or how Montoya will be connected to her in the film.

Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. Harley Quinn. Margot took on the role of the clown princess of crime back in 2016’s Suicide Squad and has since become obsessed with the jester we all know and love. Having her take on the role once again seems to point that this film will take place in the same universe as Suicide Squad. Back in the TV show, Harley turned out to be the main villain in the end. Interestingly, it seems like Harley will not be taking on the role as the film’s villain as previously speculated. In the synopsis on the IMDB page, it states:

After splitting up with The Joker, Harley Quinn and three other female superheroes – Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya – come together to save the life of a little girl (Cassandra Cain) from an evil crime lord.

It is nice to see DC focus on more of their female heroes, something that Marvel has yet to do prior to their Captain Marvel film. There are certainly many to choose from, and thanks to Wonder Woman’s success we’re finally getting a chance to see them on the big screen. It will be interesting to see what direction the film will take and how it will affect future DC films, such as the planned Gotham Sirens film.  Birds of Prey is set to release in 2020, so we won’t have to wait a long time find out.

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