Surviving Mars Unveils First Expansion Pack

The sci-fi colony-building game Surviving Mars is receiving its first expansion pack. The expansion pack, Space Race, adds AI-controlled rival colonies that will compete with the player for dominion over the red planet.

Racing to the red.

The official Steam page for Surviving Mars: Space Race reads:

Citizens unite! The race to stake your place in space has begun. Surviving Mars: Space Race, the first major expansion from the survival management game Surviving Mars, is blasting off with a focus on mission sponsors and rival colonies. Pitting Earth’s greatest countries and most powerful companies against each other, Space Race encourages players to choose their sponsor wisely as each has its own benefits and objectives, and other colonies are competing for the limited resources on the red planet.

The new expansion’s main draw is the addition of rival colonies the player has to contend with. Players have the option to help them out and become trading partners with them. However, it’s also possible to lure away their top colonists to help you instead. The backers of said colonies have unique vehicles and buildings, as well as challenges to fulfill. Finally, new narrative events in the expansion pack will test the player’s management skills.

Surviving Mars: Space Race is set to launch October 16 for $12.99, currently with a 10% pre-order discount. Those who purchased the season pass will get it automatically when it releases.

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