‘The Quiet Man’ Releasing In November

‘The Quiet Man’ Releasing In November

Today, Square Enix has announced that their newest title, The Quiet Man, is releasing digitally on November 1st.

Silence Is Golden

In The Quiet Man, you take on the role of Dane, who happens to be deaf. You’re hot on the trail of a mysterious masked man who has kidnapped the songstress Lala. The game will take place during the course of one night and it can be finished in one sitting, according to the official Square Enix report. Also, they stated there will be extra benefits for those who pre-purchase the game.

From November 1 to 15, those who purchase from the PlayStation®Store will receive the base game, a PlayStation®4 system dynamic theme, and a set of eight PlayStation™Network avatars. During the same period, those who purchase from STEAM will receive the base game, as well as a set of seven desktop and mobile wallpapers. In addition, those who purchase within this period on either platform will receive a 10% discount.


The premise is interesting, and I wonder how Dane’s condition will be featured in the gameplay. Not much else has been released at this time, but we won’t have to wait long to experience it for ourselves. The Quiet Man will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Steam on November 1 for $14.99.

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