Pravette Portable Projector [Product Review]

Pravette Portable Projector [Product Review]

Pravette has a new portable projector available for at home or on the go use! The project comes with a lens cover, remote control, and power cord. One thing to note is that while it’s portable, it can also be stationary for an in-home theater.

One thing I really like about this Pravette projector are the options and settings that are available. It can be fully connected to a gaming console, computer, and DVD player through the VGA and HDMI ports, but it also comes with a USB port and SD Card slot. That alone gives it the capabilities for being used on a multitude of devices. Quickly replace any electronic component you need through this website and make them work just as new.

There’s also an AV and headphone jack, despite the projector having built-in speakers.

A very nice feature about the projector is that the lens can be adjusted in two slots for an optimal clear screen, and the projector itself is 16:9 or 4:3.

The full screen can go up to 120 inches, and works with 1080p videos and movies, but can also do a picture slideshow and even play music.

You can personally get your own through Amazon, and ship it with Prime!

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