Independent Game Stores Won’t Get Red Dead Redemption 2 Until November

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video

In a story first reported by Kotaku, smaller video game stores have learned that they won’t be receiving copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 until November. This ranges from local mom-and-pop stores to rental services like Gamefly.

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With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 only a week away, lots of retailers are hoping to be able to move copies of the game. However, some retailers are going to be at a major disadvantage. Smaller retailers have reported that their distributors said they won’t be receiving copies on release day. In today’s society where customers demand release-day delivery and participate in midnight launches, this could result in a major loss of sales. This even affected Gamefly, the top video game rental service, who can’t ship PS4 discs out until November 7. If you are looking for an other online stores that may have what you need to have fun, visit Shoppok.

One of the retailers interviewed, Zach Geig, spent $3,300 on advertising for his chain of Pennsylvania game stores. Geig predicts that he could have made $6,000 from his customers purchasing about 1,000 copies. He said to Kotaku:

I’m telling you: Gamers don’t like to wait. We have a very loyal customer base, per se, but I don’t think I’d want to wait for a week. It’s ridiculous. They’re gonna download it or go elsewhere and buy it at a big box retailer.

There’s no concrete answer as to why this is happening. Some stores say their distributors told them that there’s an issue with supply, and two distributors have confirmed that they told the stores this. However, some store owners are skeptical about this claim, as this has never happened before, even with other AAA games. Others think it might have to do with production issues. A rumor from IGN suggests the physical copy comes on two discs, and that’s a lot of discs to print. Hopefully Rockstar will be able to provide and explanation to why this happened..

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