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Heroes for Hire? Luke Cage Cancelled After Two Seasons

Heroes for Hire? Luke Cage Cancelled After Two Seasons

While most of the world was busy with Daredevil‘s third season, Marvel decided to drop a bombshell, as they announced that Luke Cage got cancelled after mere two seasons.

Despite having a stellar second season and massive demand for a third, Marvel and Netflix have decided to axe Luke Cage, which now joins Iron Fist among the casualties of the brewing war between Disney and Netflix.

While not much is known at the time, rumor has it that the show was axed amid creative differences and the lack of ability for a deal to be struck by the powers at work to strike a deal.

So what will happen Next? While the most optimistic of marvel fans would hope for Netflix to assemble it’s now showless heroes for a team up, it is entirely likely that should these characters return, they will do so on Disney’s streaming service.

Both Iron Fist and Luke Cage have two seasons currently on Netflix.

We’ll update you as we learn more.

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