‘Scream’ Dispute With Netflix Over

‘Scream’ Dispute With Netflix Over

The battle between TWC and Netflix is finally over. What does this mean for season 3 of Scream? Could production be underway again?

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Fans of the Scream TV show have waited two years to find out the fate of their beloved characters. However, aside from casting details and a synopsis, we’ve heard little about production. Part of the issue stemmed from the Weinstein Co. and Netflix budding heads over the terms over an earlier agreement. However, this deal was finally deemed terminated three months ago but wasn’t finalized until October 12th. Now with all of that out of the way, hopefully, that means that plans for season 3 can finally move forward.

What We Know

According to the press release, here’s the plot:

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Atlanta, “Scream” features a brand-new cast of characters destined to fall prey to the mysterious killer known as “Ghostface.” The series centers on Deion Elliot, a local star football running back, whose tragic past comes back to haunt him and threaten his hard-earned plans for the future… and the lives of his unlikely group of friends. Blige plays Deion’s mother, Sherry Elliot.

It seems like the next season will take place in an entirely new location with an entirely new cast. This doesn’t bode well for the show as much of the draw of the show came from the love for the original cast.

I mean, 90% of them are dead, but still…

Regardless, the new season looks promising as the cast reveal shows us some top talent lined up. This includes Tyler Posey, Keke Palmer, and the legendary Mary J. Blige.

Yaaaassss, Mary! (Image via MTV.com)

Others joining them will be Tyga, Giorgia Whigham, Jessica Sula, RJ Cyler, C.J. Wallace, and Giullian Yao Gioiello. Queen Latifah is set to be executive producer along with Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty with Brett Matthews serving as Showrunner. So far, that’s all we know, sadly.

With all of the politics out of the way, hopefully, this means that we will see the show return sooner rather than later. Until now, we’ll have to settle for regular teenage drama instead of murder and mayhem.

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