‘Escape Room’ Film Gets Trailer

‘Escape Room’ Film Gets Trailer

New horror film Escape Room aims to turn the popular in-world past time on its head and give it a deadly spin. The trick is getting out alive.

Another Death Game

Escape rooms are a popular past time where groups of people visit a venue that has set up a puzzle game to figure out. Usually, these places have a background story to them as to why you’re trying to escape the room. Puzzles are littered about, and the group usually gets only one hour to figure it out. Some are scary, but others are not. The point is to work together with your group and have fun doing it.

This one is pirate themed! Image via Secret Chambers.

That is not the case in the upcoming psychological-thriller film Escape Room.  From the looks of the trailer, the film will take influences from the Saw franchise by locking a group of strangers together and forcing them to navigate through the various deadly puzzles. From the sounds of things, each person invited to participate has some skeletons they’re hiding in their closets.

Unlike the Saw films, Escape room has quite a bit of Sci-Fi thrown in there for good measure. For instance, in one part of the trailer we see the group escape the first room through an escape hatch only to find themselves in a cabin surrounded by snow covered woods. This “room” looks like it’s outside, but when they try to walk outside of the designated area they find they are trapped in by a force-field of some sort.

Escape Room is set to star Taylor Russell (Lost in Space), Logan Miller (Love, Simon), Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil), Jay Ellis (Insecure), Tyler Labine (Voltron), Nik Dodani (Atypical), and Yorick van Wageningen (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). The release date is January 4, 2019. You can check out the full trailer below!

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