Alan Wake Returns to Digital Storefronts

Alan Wake Returns to Digital Storefronts

Last year, the 2012 horror game Alan Wake had to be removed from digital storefronts due to music licensing issues. However, those issues have been resolved with the help of Microsoft and the game is once again available and on sale.

Alan Wake reawakened.

Alan Wake was a 2012 psychological horror game made by Remedy Entertainment for the Xbox 360. The game, heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King, tells the story of the titular author. Unfortunately, Alan has a bad case of writer’s block. During a peaceful vacation to the town of Bright Falls, his wife is kidnapped and Alan blanks out on a week’s worth of memories. He then starts finding pages from a novel he wrote during that blank period. Eerily enough, they describe the paranormal events he’s currently living. The events happen to revolve around a strange darkness that possesses people into trying to kill him. Alan must fight back by using light to weaken the hosts, find his wife, and discover the terrible secret of Bright Falls.

Last year in May, the creators announced that Alan Wake would no longer be sold due to music licensing issues. Before it was removed, the game was heavily discounted so potential customers had one last chance to get it. The game’s followup, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, doesn’t have any of these issues because it’s music rights are locked down.

Yesterday, Remedy Entertainment’s official Twitter made an announcement:

The triumphant return of Alan Wake comes with big discounts. On Steam, the main game is only $3, and for an extra dollar more, you can get the collector’s edition with extra goodies. Humble Bundle and GOG have similar deals running. Sadly, the game still seems to be missing from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. The most likely reason would be because it’s an old console.

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