Toby Fox Teases a New Project

Toby Fox Teases a New Project

Toby Fox, the creator of indie smash hit Undertale, has revealed a new project. What at first looks like a survey is actually a teaser for a game called Deltarune.

It’s an anagram.

Yesterday on Twitter, the official Undertale Twitter channel posted a series of enigmatic tweets. One of the tweets asked readers to “RETURN HERE IN [24] HOURS.” Toby Fox, the game’s creator, retweeted this and added some context:

Today, another series of tweets popped up, ending with a link to a new project. The project appears to be a demo for a game called Deltarune, a nod to a recurring symbol in Undertale.

After what looks like a survey and a character creation bit, the game starts in earnest. From initial reports, it bears a strong resemblance to Undertale. It has a very similar graphical style, with characters that resemble Toriel, Alphys, and Undertale’s protagonist. The story so far involves Kris and Susie, the silent protagonist and a school bully, falling into a strange underground world. There, they meet Ralsei, a mysterious prince, and embark on a quest to restore balance and save the world.

The gameplay should be very familiar to anyone who’s played Undertale (including the enemy-sparing system,) but has a few extra gimmicks. The most obvious one is the addition of party members. Ralsei is a mage who can heal allies or pacify tired enemies. Meanwhile, Susie auto-fights and just tries to kill everything. There’s also a Tension Point gauge that can be used to have Ralsei cast spells. You gain more of these points by defending and grazing enemy attacks with your hitbox.

Judging by Toby Fox’s tweets, the game is still in development. In addition, the website asks players:


You can download Deltarune from its official website here. Be warned that Windows Defender acts up on it, and don’t use the uninstaller.

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