Nintendo Direct 11-1 Recap

The November 1 Nintendo Direct has come and gone, but the knowledge of what it revealed remains. With one last tease of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this one may be the most exciting one yet!

Three new characters!

One of the parts everybody is excited to see in a Nintendo Direct is who’ll be in Ultimate. With this last one, we now know the game’s final starting roster!

First off is Ken from the Street Fighter games, who’ll be an echo of Ryu. This means most of his moves and animations will mirror Ryu, However, he’s slightly faster than Ryu and has some unique animations as a nod to his moves in the Capcom fighting games.

Second is Incineroar, the final evolution of the Fire-Type starter from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Incineroar’s fighting style is highly reminiscent of pro wrestling, with a variety of grabs and high risk, high reward moves.

While many people may be disappointed that the Grinch Leak (named after a poster for the new Grinch movie in the picture) wasn’t real, 74 starting fighters is still a lot, and there’s still the very likely possibility of DLC characters.

Speaking of DLC characters, one has already been introduced!

That’s right, the classic Super Mario Bros. enemy Piranha Plant is available as a post-launch fighter! Despite being confined to a pipe, Piranha Plant is surprisingly ambulatory, and can fight with its teeth, spit poison and spiky balls, and turn into Petey Piranha from Super Mario Sunshine for its Final Smash. Piranha Plant is free if you purchase the game before the end of January, but he’ll likely be available for regular purchase sometime afterwards.

In addition to Piranha Plant, there’s going to be five other downloadable fighters. Each fighter comes in a set that includes the fighter, a stage, and some music. Each individual set costs $6, or you can buy the season pass for $25 to get all five as they release.

Spirits Mode!

This Nintendo Direct gives us a solid look at Spirits Mode. Spirits Mode acts as a sort of replacement for the trophies that appeared in past games. In this mode, players can earn Spirits by completing certain event battles themed around the spirit recreated with Smash fighters. For instance, to win the Lakitu Spirit, players face off against Iggy Koopa (an alternate costume for Bowser Jr.) and three tiny red Bowsers. After winning the fight, players have to time a button press to fire some sort of gun through a breach in a shield circling the opponent fighter. Players can trade in the Spirits they earn for a “core” which can be used to summon new spirits in a gacha-like system.

Spirits have four tiers of power, three types that interact in a rock-paper-scissors system, and are either primary (equipped to fighters) or support (assigned to primary spirits to give them abilities). Spirits can also gain experience, level up, and evolve into new forms. Finally, Spirits can be fed to Amiibo figure players to make them stronger or sent off to find treasure. What the treasure does is unknown so far. The concept of Spirits also ties into a special surprise at the end of the Nintendo Direct…

World of Light!

Remember the Nintendo Direct where Luigi got his soul torn out by Castlevania’s Death? Nintendo decided to one-up that death. Or rather, 72-up it, as every fighter except for Kirby gets killed in this trailer! He’ll have to somehow save the rest of the fighters, who now appear to be possessed. Spirits Mode will also tie into this mode, which looks to be like The Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl in scope.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on Nintendo Switch December 7.

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