Toby Fox Talks About Deltarune and Further Development

Toby Fox Talks About Deltarune and Further Development

Last Wednesday, Undertale creator Toby Fox released a demo for a new game called Deltarune disguised as a survey. Now, Toby Fox has some new details on the game’s world and what to expect from the game’s development.

“Not the world of Undertale.

In a TwitLonger post, Toby Fox spoke a bit about Deltarune and the questions he assumed people would have. The first question he answered was whether the game took place in the same world as Undertale. It’s definitely a legitimate question, both games feature humans and monsters and some shared character designs. Undertale fans might recognize look-alikes of Toriel, Alphys, Temmie, and the protagonist. Toby Fox answered:

I will say that basically, what you’re seeing here is not the world of UNDERTALE.
UNDERTALE’s world and ending are the same as however you left them.
If everyone was happy in your ending, the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy.
So, please don’t worry about those characters, and that world. It will remain untouched.

To rephrase that, DELTARUNE’s world is a different one.
With different characters, that have lived different lives.
A whole new story will happen…

In another predicted question, he compared the length of development for the demos for Undertale and DeltaruneUndertale’s demo took a few months, while Deltarune’s took a few years. Toby made Undertale by himself, with the exception of one other person for art help. Making Deltarune by himself would be “not possible,” but he’s hoping to get a team together to make it. The game will be released all at once when the rest of the chapters are done, and the price is unknown.

Other than that, the only big detail is that the game will apparently only have one ending. Undertale had different endings and variations, all based on how you treated the enemies/bosses in the game.

You can download the first chapter of Deltarune for free here. Be warned that the Windows uninstaller is bugged, so delete the game manually when you’re done.

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