Bethesda Addresses Fallout 76 PC Concerns

Bethesda Addresses Fallout 76 PC Concerns

With only a week left until it releases, some people are worried about Fallout 76’s jankiness, especially on the PC. Bethesda has spoken up and admitted some of the concerns are valid, and they will require fixing to prevent cheating and hacking.

Back-end beta fixing.

A few days ago, Reddit user ‘teetharejustdone’ posted a large list of potential issues with Fallout 76 on the PC. These issues included:

  • Client-side modding, allowing players to give themselves unfair advantages.
  • Engine physics and game speed linked to framerate, allowing the potential for super speed (now fixed via a FPS cap).
  • Unencrypted client to client communication, letting players see other user’s in-game stats or even IP address.

Yesterday, Bethesda addressed some of these problems in a statement:

Many of the claims in the thread are either inaccurate or based on incorrect assumptions. The community has however called to attention several issues that our teams are already actively tracking and planning to roll out fixes for”

“Our goal is always to deliver a great experience for all our players. Cheating or hacking will not be tolerated. We know our fan base is passionate about modding and customising their experience in our worlds and it’s something we intend to support down the road.

It’s good to hear Bethesda is aware of and fixing some of these problems, but they don’t have much time to fix them. Fallout 76 releases next week, and there are only a few public betas left. PC players have more reason to worry about the game’s quality. The PC beta had a pretty nasty start, and concerns over the fairness of competitive play could make things worse. According to modders, the reason Fallout 76 is so easy to mod is because its quite similar to Fallout 4 under the hood. As a result, the pre-existing Fallout 4 mod toolkit can be used to make basic changes. An often-cited example is the ability to see the sweet spot when picking locks.

Fallout 76 opens for all players November 14. It’s available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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