Crusader Kings II Holy Fury Lets You Play As Animals

Crusader Kings II Holy Fury Lets You Play As Animals

Holy Fury, the latest expansion to the long running grand strategy game Crusader Kings II, brings a lot to the table. However, possibly its greatest feature is a hidden easter egg that lets you play with kingdoms of animals.

‘Holy Furry’ or ‘Redwall Edition’.

Crusader King II: Holy Fury is the fifteenth expansion to Paradox’s medieval kingdom/character management strategy game. The expansion focuses primarily on Christian and Pagan kingdoms, but it has other changes. Pagan characters now have access to warrior lodges, a new type of society (a feature added in Monks and Mystics). Meanwhile, pious Christian characters can be granted sainthood and pass along the perks to their descendants. Other features include legendary bloodlines, coronations, new crusading events, and more.


However, one special feature the video doesn’t mention is hidden in the ‘randomize world’ interface. The ‘Cultures’ tab in that interface has three options, Historical, Random, and Full Random. If you click through the options enough times, you’ll find a new option: Animal Kingdoms.

Creating a world with this option turned on creates a world where aristocratic animals live alongside human beings. You can have kingdoms of creatures like ducks, majestic elephants, cats, sad-looking hounds, hedgehogs, and even Western dragons. However, despite the wide variety of animals, it’s purely a cosmetic change. A non-anthropomorphic hedgehog can fight just as good as a human.

Make a new kingdom of animals (or humans) when Holy Fury releases tomorrow.

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