Pokémon Detective Pikachu



Detective Pikachu: First Trailer Brings Pokémon to the Real World

Objectively, 2016 was a strange year for Pokémon, as the single strangest game in the vast Pokémon library was released: Detective Pikachu. Now, the game is receiving a live-action film adaptation.

Detective Pikachu is sure to do many things fans of Pokémon thought impossible, and the first trailer accomplishes many of these things. For one, no one ever once said that Psyduck would be the Pokémon that would haunt their dreams. In a slightly more noticeable concern, the terms Live-Action and Pokémon have never gone together, and Detective Pikachu has these CGI creatures on full display. While this new take on the beloved creatures is different, it is not inherently bad. Hopefully once fans have time to digest the terror-inducing Psyducks and Mr. Mimes, Detective Pikachu will become a fan-favorite film.

Detective Pikachu releases May 9th, 2019, and stars Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Rita Ora, Ken Watanabe, and Kathryn Newton.

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