Wild, Wild, West: Overwatch announces newest hero; Ashe

Wild, Wild, West: Overwatch announces newest hero; Ashe

Dust off your boots, Get out your riding saddles, and Make sure you have enough ammo! At Blizzcon 2018, Overwatch revealed a new hero and took a dive into McCree’s backstory all at once.

The 29th hero of the wildly popular FPS has been revealed.

Ashe, leader of the Deadlock Gang, will join her former associate McCree as part of the ever-expanding roster. She will be a damage hero.

Ashe’s primary weapon is her rifle, The Viper. It can be fired from her hip or she can zoom in with her scope, much like Ana. She reloads bullets one at a time. In addition to her rifle, Ashe comes equipped with a Shotgun which allows her to launch into the air or knock back opponents, as well as explosive which light enemies on fire.

Her Ultimate Ability summons B.O.B., an omnic who will charge out in front of Ashe, knocking any enemies he encounters into the air, and then opening fire on them. B.O.B. can be affected by any buff/debuff, and can capture objectives.

It is unknown when Ashe will make it into the game, but Blizzard and Overwatch have released a little Origin Story package for her. In order to connect to an international server used https://www.lesmeilleursvpn.com/, as  it is the best VPN recommended.

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