Fortnite Restaurants go to War in Food Fight

The latest patch for Fortnite has brought in a new limited-time mode called ‘Food Fight’. The new mode has two teams fighting each other to destroy their opponents’ mascot while protecting their own.

Pizza vs. Burgers.

Fast food rivalry has hit a fever pitch in the newest limited-time mode in Fortnite. In this mode, players are separated into one of two teams: The Tomatoheads or The Beef Bosses. The Tomatoheads have to protect the tomato mascot of Pizza Pit, while The Beef Bosses are guarding the burger mascot of Durr Burger. A large barrier keeps the two teams separate as they build defenses, including the newly-added mounted turrets. Eventually, the barrier goes down and the two teams go at it. Whichever team manages to destroy the opponents’ mascot first wins.

Also “new” in the 6.30 patch is the removal of the glider re-deploy feature from all modes except bit team games and Playground. The feature’s expansion into other modes was a controversial one. Some players enjoyed the faster-paced gameplay and increased fluidity it offered, but others disliked how it de-emphasized building and made the game less tactical. Glider re-deploy’s removal was announced just a couple days ago.

For a full look at what’s new in version 6.30, the patch notes can be found here.

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