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WWE Survivor Series 2018: RAW Survived, We Almost Didn’t

WWE Survivor Series 2018: RAW Survived, We Almost Didn’t

It is that time of the year again and we finally get to see both brands fighting against each other for what we used to know as Bragging Rights, but that is now done during Survivor Series.

Survivor Series Kickoff Show

The kickoff show only hosted one match: 10 versus 10 tag team match between RAW and SmackDown. For the most part, it felt boring and scripted, the only interesting part was the ending, when Revival and The Usos were fighting to bring the match home.

In the end, The Usos were able to bring the win to team blue, leaving the score 1-0 before the full show started.

Survivor Series Main Show

Women Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

The first match of Survivor Series main show was the 5 versus 5 women match, with Mandy Rose taking the place of Charlotte Flair in the team and Naomi assuming the role of team Captain.

Within the first minutes, Tamina eliminated Naomi, just to be taken out by Carmella right after that, who started dancing, just to be attacked by the most hated woman of the entire WWE: Nia Jax.

After some time in the match, we get to see more of that rivalry between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, this ended with Mickie James being eliminated. Right after that, Bayley eliminated Carmella.

Then we have Sasha Banks making Mandy Rose tap, to then get Sonya and Bayley counted out, leaving only Asuka for team SmackDown, against Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

Then, Nia Jax betrayed Sasha Banks, leaving her in a golden plate to Asuka, who made her tap out. Nia, being booed the whole time, ended up winning for team RAW.

United States Champion versus Intercontinental Champion

The second match of the event was historical: United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura going one on one against the Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. This match proved why it was historical as both contenders gave everything they had in otder to bring the win home. We got to see everything they have, until, finally, Seth Rollins hit the curbstomp on Nakamura to have the 3 count on him.

RAW Tag Team Champions versus SmackDown Tag Team Champions

After this, we had the match between SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Bar, and Authors of Pain, the RAW Tag Team Champions.

The match was a great one, classic tag team match between two really good teams, although, both brought someone else with them, The Bar brought Big Show, while Authors of Pain brought Drake Maverick.

In the end, Drake Maverick tried to help Authors of Pain just to be caught by Cesaro, who made him run away until he crashed against the Big Show, who grabbed him by the throat, until he peed himself. I’m serious, he did. But this helped Authors of Pain get their tag team finisher to get the victory, leaving the score 3 to 0, as they aren’t counting the kickoff show for the score, for some reason.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Then we finally got to see a 205 Live championship match in the main show of a Pay-Per-View event when Mustafa Ali challenged Buddy Murphy for the Cruiserweight Championship.

After a greatly physical match, with some tricky moves outside the ring and a huge knee to the face of a flying Ali, Murphy retained his title to keep reigning the 205 brand.

Men Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

Now we have the iconic Survival Series match between team RAW and team SmackDown, starting with Samoa Joe against Braun Strowman, but Drew McIntyre stole the tag, to instantly get Joe eliminated.

Jeff Hardy got into the match against Drew, but McIntyre started dominating this match, he got Dolph Ziggler into the match, who tried to get a Sweet Chin Music, until Jeff tagged Shane, we are up for a Best in the World Cup rematch.

Ziggler was about to pin Shane, when Miz interrupted the count to get into the match, we get a nice succession of moves and reversals between these two, until Braun stole the tag from Ziggler, but McIntyre stole the tag again, disallowing Braun from competing. This wasn’t good for team RAW, because Braun attacked McIntyre, and then the entire SmackDown team attacked Braun.

The entire team got Braun on top of the English commentary table, while Shane got a Bionic Elbow from the top rope to the table, getting Braun Knocked Out. We now have two wrestlers out as Shane and Braun are knocked.

The Miz takes on McIntyre, while Baron Corbin is still going mad outside the ring. McIntyre is looking to tag someone, but Balor is the only one available, so McIntyre decides not to tag him, something that didn’t suit Balor, so he stole the tag and attacked McIntyre, to come and start dominating The Miz.

Rey Mysterio gets to the match and we see a super fast match between Finn Balor and Rey, Finn avoids a 619, but then Mysterio hits a second one to eliminate him. McIntyre gets to the match and attacks Balor after he lost, and gets attacked, but Bobby Lashley got to the match before he got a 619, and started to destroy Rey Mysterio.

Dolph Ziggler gets to the match as Rey reversed an attack by Lashley, Rey tags Jeff so we see Jeff vs Ziggler, but McIntyre tries to interfere to which Jeff defends himself and hits a DDT outside the ring to him.

We are still waiting on Braun and Shane to come back to the match…

Ziggler tries to hit a Sweet Chin Music but Jeff reverses and counters with a Twist of Fate, to then go with a Swanton Bomb that gets countered by Ziggler by putting the knees up.

Shane comes back, destroyed, but attempts to hit a Coast to Coast on Ziggler, he does and pins Ziggler. Here’s the rematch for the World Cup from Crown Jewel, he won again.

Lashley attacks Shane, destroying him, reminding us why, on a different company, he was dubbed as the Walking Armaggeddon. Shane tags Miz, but Lashley is lit, destroying everyone, until he tries to hit a spear on the Miz in the corner, but he moves and Lashley hits the post.

Miz tags Shane asking for him to hit another Coast To Coast, but Braun hit a clothesline mid-air, getting Shane semi-knocked.

Braun is back, and Jeff is the first one to fight him, but Braun quickly eliminates him. Rey Mysterio goes next, attacking Braun the way only Mysterio can, reminding us why he was World Heavyweight Champion, but Strowman eliminated him too. Now it is only The Miz and Shane versus Braun Strowman, McIntyre and Bobby Lashley.

The Miz goes in but gets eliminated in a single move again. Shane, who can’t even stand, is the last man standing for team Blue. He has to go against Braun, this is going to be awful. Braun Strowman eliminates Shane. Team RAW dominated Survivor Series this year.

Baron Corbin attacks Braun Strowman from the back, and leaves the ring alongside Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. War is coming and Corbin might Get Those Hands.

We get to know that at TLC we will see Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship, finally!

Dream Match: Ronda Rousey versus Charlotte Flair

Now we get the match between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, the dream match we were supposed to get in Wrestlemania, but we got now due to Nia Jax breaking Becky Lynch’s face. On purpose.

This is a rather physical match, going all in one on the other, to the point that due to an elbow to Ronda’s mouth, she starts profusely bleeding. What we are watching is an unofficial “I Quit” match, both competitors are seeking to get theo other to tap out, to the point that Ronda isn’t even seeking the ropes when is danger of tapping.

We get both of them hitting each other with everything, even Charlotte hit a Spear, but Ronda kicked out of the count, Charlotte hit the Figure 4, but Ronda was able to reverse it and defend from it.

In the end, Charlotte Flair was unable to beat Ronda, so she took a Kendo Stick and attacked Ronda with it, getting disqualified, but sh didn’t care, and kept attacking ronda with Kendo Sticks, chairs, and everything she had. In the end, Charlotte destroyed Ronda, but she decided to walk backstage without receiving any help from the medical personnel.

In case you were wondering, these are the results of Charlotte’s attack on Ronda:

Main Event: Universal Champion versus WWE Champion

We have now arrived to the main event, having the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, facing the WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan.

From beginning to end, we see a dominating Brock Lesnar, and we are all worried about Daniel Bryan. Lesnar hits the first F5 on Bryan, but when the count was at 2, Lesnar stopped the count, because he wanted to keep inflicting damage on Bryan.

Unfortunately for Lesnar, Bryan started to attack, and when he was going to hit a second F5, he hit the referee giving Bryan the chance to kick him in a sensitive area, now the match was uphill. However, Lesnar was able to hit another F5 after almost tapping out to the Yes Lock to get the win for team RAW.

With a 6-0 score, this year SmackDown has been annihilated.

Overall, this was an entertaining show; however, its high points were Ronda Rousey versus Charlotte Flair (the best match of the night) and Seth Rollins versus Shinsuke Nakamura, which certainly was a dream match, other than that, the most boring Survivor Series I’ve watched in years, with the main match being as awful and unilateral as it could’ve been, with absolutely no surprises at all.

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