Total War: Arena Shuts Down in February

Total War: Arena Shuts Down in February

Total War: Arena, the multiplayer free-to-play spin-off of the Total War franchise, is shutting down. New players cannot join up and those who are already part of the game will be able to play it until February 22.

Peace in their time

Total War: Arena is a ten-on-ten multiplayer game created by Creative Assembly and Wargaming. Released into beta last February, the spin-off strips all of the empire management and big strategic decisions of the main games, leaving the squad-based combat. Each player controls a few units of troops and must capture strategic points and defeat the enemy army. However, the game doesn’t seem to have grabbed enough of a player base.

The official website for Total War: Arena posted an announcement yesterday. Joshua Williams, who wrote the announcement, said:

ARENA has been on a long journey, and we are thankful to everyone who joined us. We have learned so much during the development of ARENA and we have grown incredibly close with the community and involved you deeply into our development process. It has been an absolute privilege to work with you all on this project, but unfortunately the results of ARENA Open Beta Test did not meet all our expectations.

Changes and gifts

The team members who worked on Arena will be continue working on the main Total War games, so it sounds like the workers will be fine.

As a ‘thank you’ to those who played the game, Creative Assembly is giving players some Total War content of their choice. The options are:

  • Total War: Medieval II – Definitive Edition
  • Hannibal at the Gates (Total War: Rome II DLC)
  • Age of Charlemagne (Total War: Attila DLC)
  • Grim and the Grave (Total War: Warhammer DLC)

Meanwhile, Wargaming also has a ‘thank you’ gift for players. If you’ve played at least 100 battles, you can get 30 days of premium time in World of TanksWorld of Warships, and World of Warplanes.

The announcement of Total War: Arena’s closure also came with a new patch. The Sunset Patch removes premium cash shops from the game. In addition, it also makes matchmaking easier with players between unit tiers and reduces the level of stat gain from tier to tier.

You can read the game’s closure announcement here. It’s also worth reading if you could be eligible for the free gifts.

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