Bless Online: Blessing Players With New Content

Bless Online: Blessing Players With New Content

Soon after releasing their big level 50 update, Neowiz Bless Studio has announced that new content has been released in their MMORPG Bless Online.

Blessed Be The Playerbase

The big update this time around is the addition of the Ruber Ossuary dungeon. According to the press release:

The entrance will be able to be found in Rosso’s Mansion in Terny City for Union, and in the Timorris Abandoned Mine in the Elemental Forest for Hieron. Players will be able to enter it once per day, and must be level 50 to do so. A five-person party is recommended to tackle this challenge, as players will be facing down a variety of nefarious bosses!

In the depths of Ruber Ossuary, Sulla’s resting place, players will come face to face with mid-level bosses such as Mutant Osis, Magum the Evil Spirit Sorcerer, and Chief Priest Bursty. The Final boss of Ruber Ossuary is Sulla Ruber. From defeating these bosses, players have a chance to receive a variety of valuable rewards.

There are two new DLC packs available for purchase through steam. These are said to contain valuable items that will entice both new adventurers and veteran players aline. There will also be special DLC release discounts which means bundles like the Serpent Squire pack, which are normally $14.99, will be set at $9.89. Included items are as follows:

  • Mirror Ball Watcher Looting Pet
  • 500 Lumena
  • Inventory Expansion Ticket (8 slot) x 1
  • Companion Growth Potion (1 Hour) x 5
  • Nutrition Refreshment for Pets (1 Hour) x 10

The second DLC, the Dragon Knight pack, is on sale from $59.99 to $39.59 during this period as well. It comes with the following skins and items:

  • Dragon Knight Costume
  • Dragon Knight Mount Skin
  • Dragon Knight Pet Skin
  • Revenant Commander Nale Looting Pet
  • 7900 Lumena
  • Inventory Expansion Ticket (8 slot) x 4
  • Extra Tactic Save Ticket x 1
  • Companion Growth Potion (1 Hour) x 10
  • Nutrition Refreshment for Mounts (1 Hour) x 20
  • Nutrition Refreshment for Pets (1 Hour) x 20

There are also three permanent rare level 10 auto-looting pets available for purchase in the special currency shop. The pets will come with an upgrade attempt count of 10, and each one has a special look that hasn’t been showcased in the Steam Version of Bless. Along with these pets being on sale, The Mirror Ball Watcher, Dragon Sprite, and the Revenant Commander Nale looting pets will be available for a discounted price of 800 Lumena in the shop, and the Mirror Ball Watcher and Revenant Commander Nale pet will also be available in the new Serpent Squire and Dragon Knight DLC packs, respectively.

Finally, Neowiz Bless Studio is celebrating a successful year by holding the Bless Online Sweepstakes! According to the press release:

Through Dec. 14th at 11:59pm PST, Bless Online players can enter to win an assortment of prizes guaranteed to elevate any MMO player’s experience to the next level, including gaming peripherals to play now, PC hardware, and even a custom built Bless Online PC!

Entrants will have multiple means of amassing entries throughout the duration of sweepstakes. Winners will be selected at random after Dec. 14th, and announced shortly thereafter.

Bless Online is currently free-to-play and can be downloaded via the Steam Store.

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