‘PlataGO!’ Coming To The Nintendo Switch

‘PlataGO!’ Coming To The Nintendo Switch

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker, the software that allows you to create your own platform games, is heading to the Nintendo Switch.

Game Making on the go!

Ever wanted to make your own classic platformer game like Super Mario, Metroid, Sonic, or Mega Man? Well with PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker now you can!

Similar to Mario Maker, released on the 3DS and Wii U, would-be game-makers can use the tools included in the program to make their own dream platforming game. PlataGO! is currently in early access on Steam with a planned exclusive release on the Nintendo Switch.

Features of the program are as follows:

Simple creation interface

Make your own levels in minutes!

Import custom sprites

Find pictures of your favorite games, characters or things online and create truly unforgettable levels.

Instantly test your levels

Drop into and play your creations in seconds!

Includes loads of pre-made assets

Retro themes, enemies, platforms, backdrops, weapons and much more!

Link levels together

Combine your stages to make full platform games.

Share your levels and games online

Upload for your friends and fellow creators to play!

What’s also interesting is the graphics of your work can instantly be swapped. Very similar to how Mario Maker allowed you to swap between NES, SNES, and DS graphics, PlataGO! allows you to swap between NES and Game Boy, to retro platforms like ZX Spectrum and C64. There doesn’t seem to be any 3D styled graphic engines included with the focus being the more classic era of platform gaming.

Even more exciting, those who have the early access Steam version of the game can have their levels featured in the Nintendo Switch release through a contest currently going on. According to the developer, the process is as follows:

Game-developers-to-be simply have to upload and tag their game using one of the included themes for the competition in the Steam Workshop and the PlataGO! team will choose the best level creations, from certain aspects like innovation, overall design and playability.

PlataGo! Super Platform Game Maker is currently available to purchase in early access on Steam at a 25% discount. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch early next year. Check out the announcement trailer below!

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