Bethesda Support Accidentally Leaks Customer Information

Bethesda Support Accidentally Leaks Customer Information

Just when you thought the saga of Bethesda and the Fallout 76 duffel bags was over, there’s one more twist to the tale. People who submitted or updated technical support tickets today could briefly see the tickets of others, including their personal information.

The painful tale of nylon duffel bags

The PR nightmare involving the Power Armor Collector’s Edition of Fallout 76 is a bizarre one. Customers could purchase the $200 collection for a variety of goods, including a T-51 power armor helmet and a canvas duffel bag to carry it. However, when customers got the physical goods, they were disappointed. The duffel bag was a cheap nylon instead of the military-style canvas advertised. From what people have heard from Bethesda, there was an unavailability of materials that made the switch necessary. Bethesda gave affected customers 500 Atoms, Fallout 76’s premium currency worth about $5. To put that into perspective, it’s about enough to buy a door and some flowers.

Things got hairier still when someone found that Fallout ‘Influencers’ got their own canvas bags (albeit with a different design) at a press event at The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Finally, Bethesda sent out a tweet telling players they were finalizing plans to produce actual canvas duffel bags. Player can visit this link to get what they ordered.

And then this happened.

For a brief time today, people who had a support ticket open at the Bethesda website could see other people’s tickets. The tickets included personal info like addresses, email accounts, and possibly even credit card numbers (people had to submit proof of purchase, like a picture of a receipt, to get the duffel bag). Bethesda quickly brought the site down and fixed this mistake. However, it definitely represents another painful chapter in Fallout 76’s history.

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