Celebrate 25 Years of Doom with New Levels by John Romero

Celebrate 25 Years of Doom with New Levels by John Romero

25 years ago, Id Software’s demonic first-person shooter Doom was released and changed the world of video gaming. To celebrate this milestone, Id co-founder and level designer John Romero is creating a new episode for the classic game.

John Romero’s about to make you a gift.

The new episode, titled Sigil, will consist of nine new single player maps and deathmatch stages. It acts as a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Doom, which was added in the Ultimate Doom expansion pack. In a Q&A on the official page, John spoke about his design philosophy for these levels, among other topics:

I wanted the levels to feel like they belong to the original game as if they were a true fifth episode. There’s more detail in the levels than episodes 1-4, but not overly so. I believe that people playing Sigil will recognize my design style, but see new things I’m doing because this episode does not take place on a military base – it takes place in Hell, which is new to me within DOOM®’s design space. There’s a massive room in E5M6 that is the coolest room I’ve created in any map.

There are some boxed editions of the game for those willing to pay. The $40 Standard Edition comes in a fancy box with artwork by Christopher Lovell, a floppy disk-themed USB with the game and extras, a 2-disc case with the game and soundtrack by Buckethead, and some stickers. Meanwhile, the $166 Beast Box has all that plus a coin, a pewter statue of John Romero’s head on a spike, an XL t-shirt, an art print by Christopher Lovell, and the box is signed by John Romero. Orders for both physical editions close December 24 at the stroke of midnight.

Sigil launches for free in mid-February. You’ll need the base version of Doom to play it.

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