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Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaked; Director Speaks Up

Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaked; Director Speaks Up

Over a month before its scheduled launch, Kingdom Hearts 3, the latest numbered entry in the Kingdom Hearts series, has been leaked. The game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, acknowledged the leak and has asked fans not to share media and warned of spoilers.

Leaked hearts for sale

Word spread yesterday that a (now deleted) listing on the Facebook Marketplace offered Xbox One copies of Kingdom Hearts 3. The copies were supposedly obtained from the game’s disc-production/distribution stream. Shared videos on the posting allegedly showed the game booting up and the main menu as proof of authenticity.

Last night, Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, released a formal response. Among other things, it asked fans not to spoil the game, warned them to beware spoilers, and mentioned that the game’s epilogue and secret movie weren’t on the disk and would be released after launch:

Fortunately, the fans seem more than willing to comply.with his wishes. The Kingdom Hearts subreddit promised swift post removals and bans for anyone posting spoilers or helping spread them. The news of the leaked copies was also spread on YouTube, with video makers warning fans about the possibility of spoilers.

As for the identity of the leak seller, a Twitter user known as @MysticDistance claims to know. In a Twitter thread (preserved in full on imgur,) @MysticDistance gives some (non-personal) info on the seller:

The person who leaked the copy of KH3 is tied to the local mob (or gang) in the area and is known for ripping off people, particularly the elderly. He’s been in trouble with the law before and people have been warned about hiring him. He got the 30 copies through a connection of his.

@MysticDistance says that the information comes from the seller’s Facebook profile and the videos he posted.

Kingdom Hearts 3 officially releases January 29, 2019.

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