New Action RPG ‘Pagan Online’ Announced

New Action RPG ‘Pagan Online’ Announced

Pagan Online is an action RPG created by Wargaming and Mad Head Games. Take on the role of an ancient hero in this Diablo styled new title!

The Trials await you

Inspired by old dungeon crawler games like Diablo and Gauntlet, Pagan online is a hack and slash action RPG set in a fantasy universe that predates Christianity and focuses on Pagan mythology. Using powerful magic and weapons, your task is to defend the ancient gods and take down hordes of monstrous enemies.

The intention of Pagan Online is to reinvent what an Action RPG actually is. The combat claims to be both intense and exciting in session-based combat that rewards you for using your skills smartly. This means that it could also take points from Capcom’s Devil May Cry series where you are graded after each battle based on how well you executed combos in a stylistic manner. The game also encourages you to develop an array of characters as opposed to just focusing on a singular character. You will have to play around with your gear and skills with each character in order to find ways to defeat difficult enemies. The game boasts the following features:

  • Procedurally-generated arenas.
  • Multiple-choice storytelling that will change the world around you.
  • Every fight will be different than the one before.
  • Difficult missions.
  • High replayability.
  • Intense top-down combat.
  • Tons of customizability, loot, and mayhem.

Co-founder and Creative Director of Mad Head Games, Uros Banjesevic, stated:

With Pagan Online we’ve worked hard to deliver a fast-paced and intense combat system that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. We took inspiration from MOBAs to create unique characters with specific skills and specialties, and when you put them into this type of combat system you end up with a family of fighters that do different things well in different scenarios.

Product Director at Wargaming, Jacob Beucler, added:

The amount of loot in Pagan Online is vast – we want players to be challenged to experiment and find the right combinations of skill boosts and buffs that make their playstyle even more effective. This means knowing the different characters, how you want to play them, and what they’re good at, and trying out different loadouts until you find the most deadly combination.

No word on what the “online” part of the Pagan Online title will entail, but according to their website it seems like it will offer up a co-op mode online. However, details about this have not been released so far. PC players can look forward to playing it when it’s released in 2019 but, for now, they are holding an open call to what they are calling the trials which can be found here.  It seems to be the chance to register for their beta program, so make sure to sign up if you’d like to be one of the first people to try out this new game. Also, make sure to check out the teaser trailer and some artwork below.

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