ATLAS Creators Address Difficult Early Access

ATLAS Creators Address Difficult Early Access

Last week, Instinct Games released ATLAS, a pirate-themed MMO, into Early Access after a few delays. However, early reviews and player impressions suggest that this game should have stayed in port a bit longer.

Stormy seas.

ATLAS was first announced back during the Game Awards on December 6 and released into Early Access on December 22. Since then, it’s had a pretty rough time. The game has some severe server lag as well as a variety of game-breaking bugs and a finicky nutrition system where players have to balance their vitamin intake. Players also aren’t fans of how similar the game is to ARK: Survival Evolved, calling it “ARK with pirates”. One Twitch streamer even found a hidden menu in ATLAS that is literally directly from ARK.

The team behind ATLAS acknowledged the bugginess in a recent update on Steam:

You could say that we were off to a stormy start! The initial influx of players wanting to set sail immediately was (predictably in hindsight) larger than we anticipated and our systems got crushed until we tuned the new technical systems to handle it. We have been incredibly humbled and excited by the number of seafaring Pathfinders wanting to dive into the ATLAS. Since the launch, the team has heavily prioritised connection and capacity resolutions, server and client-side performance updates, server and client-side crash fixes as well as tackling general gameplay bugs and balance concerns.

We’re going to continue to iterate at a very rapid rate, you can generally expect daily deployments and updates to both servers and clients, and sometimes even multiple if we feel like a change is significant enough to warrant it. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this launch period and we intend to show our gratitude through frequent updates that resolve the issues which matter to you and improve ATLAS in both the near-term and over the long term.

A second apology.

Another company apologizing for ATLAS is GPORTAL, a game server hosting company. In a letter posted to Facebook, they said:

We are very sorry to all of our customers who are having massive problems with their ATLAS servers. ATLAS is in a much earlier state of development than we at GPORTAL anticipated (led to believe) and were unable to foresee the issues it would cause.

Grapeshot Games, the team behind ATLAS, expects the game to be in Early Access for two years. This means we can expect it to fully release in 2021.

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