Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Receiving Dragon Quest for Next DLC

Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Receiving Dragon Quest for Next DLC

Data-miners have been digging into the source code of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to learn information important for the competitive scene. In their examinations, they’ve found what may be a codename for an unannounced fighter.

Dragon Quest on the way?

In a tweet posted a few days ago, a data-miner known as ‘jam1garner’ posted a screenshot of some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate code. According to jam1garner, this was found some time ago by another user, but was kept a secret for some time:

Three of the character parameters shown in the code include ‘packu’ (likely short for Piranha Plant’s Japanese name, Pakkun Flower,) ‘jack’ (a possible nod to Shin Megami Tensei’s mascot Jack Frost, made by Atlus, which also makes Persona,) and ‘brave’. What does brave refer to?

According to Polygon, back in December, someone on the Japanese message board 5channel posted what they claimed was leaked info about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC roster. They had a bit to say about Joker and his stage (called Mementos), but they also had information on a fighter named Erdrick. Erdrick was the protagonist of Dragon Quest 3, and is heavily referenced in the other games. Most notably the first two games, which are chronologically set after the events of Dragon Quest 3.

Now, time for a brief lesson in Japanese. Erdrick (or whatever the player chooses to name him/her) belongs to the ‘hero’ class in Dragon Quest 3. In Japanese, ‘hero’ translates to ‘yuusha’. However, ‘yuusha’ can also stand for ‘brave’. Thus why people suggest we’ll be getting Erdrick.

Who else could it be?

Gearnuke reports that there are other characters that might be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These include:

  • Anlucia (from Dragon Quest X) and Dragon Quest 11’s protagonist as alternate skins for Erdrick.
  • Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden).
  • Steve (Minecraft) with Alex and Master Chief as alternate skins.
  • Marine aka Doomguy (Doom)
  • Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
  • Rayman (Rayman) (since he’s already a spirit in the game, this one could be debatable.)

The first DLC fighter, Pirahnah Plant, is expected to release sometime in February. We’re still waiting to hear when Joker will be available.

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