Become an Actual God in Upcoming Cultist Simulator Update

Become an Actual God in Upcoming Cultist Simulator Update

Weather Factory’s eldritch card game Cultist Simulator is getting a big update on January 22. The update will give players who completed the game a new mode that lets them continue their now-immortal character’s story.

Immortality is just the beginning.

In a normal game of Cultist Simulator, your character stumbles upon some eldritch lore and embarks on a quest that, if you play your cards right, ends with them becoming immortal. A new ‘Advanced Mode’ releasing in a couple of weeks lets you continue the tale. In this mode, you’ll play as an apostle of your old character. The goal in this mode is to help your old character reach godhood. It might bring about the end of the world, but cults rarely worry about such side effects.

In Rock Paper Shotgun’s report on the upcoming update, Weather Factory described this mode as “basically unfair”. As well as your normal challenges, like mortal needs and authorities seeking to stop you, players will have to deal with one of four rival eldritch demi-gods looking to stop you and your immortal patron. These eldritch enemies “make Detectives and Rivals look like playground bullies” and will provide new challenges for veteran players. The new mode promises new lore to the Cultist Simulator world as well as multiple routes to giving your patron godhood.

The free update releases January 22. The update will also coincide with the release of the game’s soundtrack for $10.


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