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The Division 2 Private Beta Starts Feb. 7

A new trailer for The Division 2 is providing new story details and a date for the private beta. Players will be able to try the game out early from February 7 to February 10.

Shipping out to D.C.

The Division 2 is the sequel to the tactical squad-based shooting game first made in 2016. In the game, a massive bio-terrorism attack ravages the United States, and sleeper agents from the titular agency to maintain order and restore the true government. Primarily by shooting things. In the sequel, players will visit Washington D.C. as they fight against three factions vying for power. There’s the Free Sons, a fascist ex-military force, the Hyenas, your classic Mad Max-esque raiders, and the Outcasts, your (also) classic cult.

But don’t worry. Despite the implications, the game isn’t political. The developer said so, so there can’t be any implications from the game’s setting or story.

For players looking to partake in the private beta, you’ll likely have to have pre-ordered the game. If you didn’t, you can sign up for free on their official website. There are a limited number of slots, though, so be quick! The private beta runs from February 7 to February 10, but the exact times have yet to be announced.

As for what to expect, that’s also uncertain. We can assume players will get to explore Washington D.C. and experience some low-level story content. The first game’s beta allowed players to explore a bit of the Dark Zone, the game’s PvP area. No word on if that’ll be in The Division 2‘s beta, but Ubisoft will have more information before the private beta launches.

The Division 2 ships out March 15. You can play it (and the private beta) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store.

UPDATE (4:21 PM EST): It looks like players will be able to access the Dark Zone. There’ll be three of them, in fact. You can read more about it here.

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