Westworld Mobile Closing Its Doors

Westworld Mobile Closing Its Doors

When Warner Bros. and Bethesda settled the lawsuit filed back in 2018, it seemed like the Westworld mobile game would be allowed to stay. However, it seems the game has been removed from online stores and will shut down in mid-April.

See you, robo-cowboy.

Back in June last year, Bethesda filed a lawsuit against Behavior Interactive Warner Bros. They claimed that the Westworld mobile game released by Warner Bros. is a copy of Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter, also developed by Behavior Interactive. Fallout Shelter, originally released in 2015 for mobile, tasks players with designing a Vault and keeping its residents alive. The lawsuit claimed  the Westworld game, released in 2018, used designs, art, and code from Fallout Shelter in its creation.

Near the beginning of 2019, the two publishers managed to reach a settlement over the lawsuit. Bethesda and Behavior released a joint statement announcing they’ve “amicably resolved” the issues, although the terms weren’t provided. Bethesda also dismissed the case “with prejudice,” meaning they can’t bring the case to court again.

However, despite the settlement, the Westworld game is on its way out. Players who load the game up will see a new message announcing that the game is shutting down:

We hope you have enjoyed playing Westworld. We are sorry to tell you the park is entering a new phase and will no longer be taking applications for new employees. The game will be removed from the App Store and Google Play on January 15, 2019, and officially closed on April 16, 2019. As of today, you will no longer be able to make in-game purchases. If you have any in-game currency, remember to use it before the game goes offline on April 16, 2019.

There’s no information on whether the game’s closure has to do with the lawsuit’s settlement. However, it’s definitely a possibility. We’ll update this story is we get confirmation on the settlement.

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