Dr. Mario Goes Mobile This Summer

Dr. Mario Goes Mobile This Summer

Nintendo is bringing the medically-trained version of their famous mascot to phones. Dr. Mario World, the newest entry in the series of virus-busting video games, is releasing early summer on Android and iOS.

The doctor is in

Dr. Mario World got an announcement last night via Nintendo’s official Twitter account:

Here’s what we know based off of other sources and their news releases:

  • The game is being made by Nintendo, Japanese company Line, and NHN Entertainment, a developer and operator of mobile games.
  • The game will be free to download, with optional in-app purchases.
  • There’s nothing on what the gameplay will be like. However, based on what past titles gave us, we can easily imagine what it’ll be like. Dropping colored pills to match rows of colors to remove pills and viruses.
  • This news came shortly after Nintendo delayed the Japanese release of another mobile game, Mario Kart Tour.

Dr. Mario World will be taking patients when it releases early Summer.

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