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Watch: Anthem End Game Missions

A lot of us are “patiently” waiting for the release of Anthem. We’ve been able to watch a few gameplay videos and read a lot about the game. Now, we have access to some end game content which you can watch above.

Unlike what most players got to experience during the test weekend of the game, in the video above we get to see some max level characters. Not only characters, but a late game mission.

What we can get out of this video is that Anthem is definitely better with friends. If you are planning to play by yourself, it will be tough and it may chew you alive. A constant we’ve noticed in every single video of the game is that the world is huge, and beautiful. Still, it is deadly and not for everyone.

Anthem will be out in a few weeks, although, precise date is not known right now. Stay tuned for more information about this game.

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