Respawn Unveiling Apex Legends Today

Respawn Unveiling Apex Legends Today

Respawn, the company behind Titanfall, is preparing to reveal their newest game today, Apex Legends. A teaser livestream is expected to start at 11 AM EST and reveal the whole thing four hours later.

Stand by for Apex-fall

Rumors of Apex Legends’ existence began with a video by YouTuber TheQuartering, followed by tweets by eSports consultant Rob Breslau. According to Breslau, Apex Legends will be a battle royale that features “classes/heroes with unique abilities, maximum of 60 players per server, maximum of 3 players per team (trios) to complement each other”. The game, which would be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, would be set in the Titanfall universe, but not feature the titular mechs. Like the first two Titanfall games, it would run on a modified version of Valve’s Source engine. Other websites, like Kotaku, confirmed similar details from their own sources.

Last night, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella confirmed the game and its title in a tweet:

We still don’t know if this is the next major Titanfall project, a stopgap on the way to Titanfall 3, or something else. We’ll have more details as the streams reveal more details.

Post-stream update

The Apex Legends livestream is finished, and the game is already out. The free-to-play game is a battle royale where humans and robotic heroes known as Legends fight it out in an ever-shrinking arena. Up to 60 players can play at the same time with players divided into teams of three.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends’ announcement comes with some bad news. Despite the acclaim for the first two Titanfall games, a third one is not in development. Respawn explained their reasoning in this Polygon article.

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