The Walking Dead: The Final Season Ends in March

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Ends in March

In just a month, Clementine’s long journey is coming to a close. The Walking Dead: The Final Season is releasing its final episode, Take Us Back, on March 26.

“The night will be over soon…”

Clementine has lost many people in her journey through a world where zombies have destroyed everything. Friends have fallen, father figures have died, and even the company that created her suddenly shut down mid-season. However, all that will come to an end soon. Skybound Games has announced an official release date for the final episode, Take Us Back, which will release March 26.

In addition, the release of the final episode will coincide with a physical release of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The physical edition is a collection of all four episodes and is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It will be available at all major retailers, including online at the Skybound Games store. In addition, anyone visiting PAX East at Boston from March 28 – 31 can meet the Skybound Games team at their booth and pick up a physical copy there. The blog post also hints at “something juicy” coming up later this month, and advises people to stay tuned to their website and social channels.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season episode 4, Take Us Back, closes off the series on March 26.

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