CD Projekt Red Settles Royalty Dispute with The Witcher Auhtor

A royalties dispute between The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski and developer CD Projekt Red is coming to a close. A Polish publication (via WCCFTech) reports that CD Projekt Red will be giving Sapkowski a portion of the amount he requested.

Exact settlement terms unknown

Years ago, when CD Projekt Red was a small company, they purchased the rights to The Witcher for a series of video games. At the time, Sapkowski had little faith in the studio and went for a lump sum of about $2,200 instead of sale-based royalty payments. As we know today, the games would wind up being very successful. Sapkowski has said multiple times that he regrets taking the lump sum.

Last October, Eurogamer reported that Sapkowski issued a demand for a slice of the pie. He wanted around $16.2 million in additional royalties. CD Projekt Red said the demand is “groundless,” but they were seeking an “amicable resolution” to the issue. Recent reports suggest that amicable resolution has been reached.

Polish sources report that the two parties are nearing the end of their dispute. CD Projekt Red will be giving some royalties from The Witcher games to Sapkowski. However, it will be a good deal less than his initial demand. There’s little public information on the settlement, such the amount, but we should learn more soon.


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