Skyrim Total Conversion Mod Enderal Goes Live Next Week

Enderal, a total conversion mod of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, has been in development for a few years. However, on February 14, the mod will find a new, convenient home on the Steam store.


Enderal, like the game the mod is based on, is an open-world fantasy game. However, it’s completely separate from the lore and landscape of The Elder Scrolls franchise. It also completely overhauls the systems in Skyrim, resulting in new classes, survival mechanics, and “challenging combat”. The game rivals the scale of Skyrim, meaning players can expect anywhere from 30 to 125 hours of gameplay. One of the game’s main difficulties is installing the mod on top of Skyrim, but the upcoming Steam version will change that.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories, the Steam version of this game, will be a standalone game, meaning you won’t have to wrestle with installing mods. In addition, developer SureAI says the game will have two new questlines for the morally dubious. There will also be two new classes. Phasmalists can craft and deploy spirit companions to aid them in various ways, while Lycanthropes can brew potions to turn themselves into werewolves. There’s also a lot of tweaks and full voice acting in both English and German.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories launches on Steam February 14. It’s free for anyone who owns Skyrim Classic or the Legendary Edition. Unfortunately, the Special Edition isn’t compatible with Enderal, but SureAI is considering a Special Edition port, but they don’t have the resources right now.


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