Why Apex is the only Battle Royale I’ll Play

Why Apex is the only Battle Royale I’ll Play

Respawn Entertainment just unveiled their new battle royale game based in the Titanfall universe called Apex Legends, completely out of the blue. There was no warning, no anticipation, and no second guessing the eventual reaction by the gaming world. For this reason, among many others, I find Apex Legends to be one of the best battle royale games out there introducing new gameplay mechanics we’ve never seen before.

Class System

I’m a huge Overwatch and Destiny 2 fan, where you have classes based on support, DPS, and tanking (also hunter (DPS), warlock (support) and titan (tank) in Destiny 2). In the battle royale games I’ve played before like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds this is not even a thing. There’s no class abilities or ultimates; just simply finding the better gun before your opponents.

For this reason, Apex changes the battle royale field by providing abilities and ultimates that bridges the gap between those team-based games like Overwatch and the battle royales. As someone who primarily plays Lifeline in Apex, this gives me a healing drone for my myself and allies, alongside a care package ultimate with rare-rated gear for us to use against the enemies. While I am a support, my guns still fire as good as the tank, and I can still find the best loot like any other character. It’s like being a Mercy with better shields and options for guns.

Requiring Teams of 3

If anyone reading has played a battle royale game solo, you can probably feel my pain. It’s you against 50+ enemies who may be in squads of 2-4 people. You have no one but yourself to depend on, and who can communicate with you about enemy or loot locations. Apex requires you to either queue with your friends, or it will put you in a team of up to 3 people, giving allies to your aid. This makes the game easier and more difficult depending on your outlook. No longer do I feel on my own when playing a battle royale, but instead part of a smaller team that can be made up of any comp; support, damage, or tank.

The Pinging System

Why have we never seen this before? Pinging is such a crucial additive to the game. There is of course typing and team chat, but pinging is amazing. One click – go there, two clicks – that’s an enemy. You can alert your crew immediately to high-level gear and even claim it by clicking on it in the map requesting it for yourself; let alone warn them of enemies you might see before they do without delay. After playing Apex I find myself trying to ping people in Overwatch to tell them there’s a Reaper or McCree behind to no avail. It’s a huge game changer for my play style now and I wish I could bring it with me in every game.

The Titanfall Additives

I personally never played Titanfall. I’ve watched it, and I can see where Respawn implemented the skills for the specific characters like Pathfinder’s grapple and Mirage’s decoy. But can we talk about the sliding? It’s fluid, it’s fast, and it makes getting around the map easy. While many are disappointed wall running is not an option, the sliding makes up for it in accessibility and dodging.


Now when I compare Apex to Overwatch I mean it. If your teammates can get to your corpse or ‘box’ quick enough they can get your info to respawn you at one of the many around the map. This means that you don’t have to sit around and watch, but instead get back in the action of the game. This makes it much easier to rely on your team and not have to hop between matches – something I really enjoy.

Micro Transactions

The micro transactions in Apex Legends are purely cosmetic. The boxes only come with gun skins, character skins, banners, voice lines, kill quips, finishers, and other fully cosmetic features. The two characters who didn’t come with the free game (Mirage and Caustic) aren’t in the boxes, but can be purchased in-game with the currency that you get with every level for 12,000. It’s very similar to Overwatch’s loot system in only being cosmetic.

Why Apex is Great (if you didn’t know)

This is the first time that a battle royale has stuck with me as something I would play, especially in a group. It’s just so fast-paced with physics that actually behave most of the time. The class system, pinging, and team requirement makes it much more exciting and fun – and something I’ve already sunk 50 hours in. Plus, it’s free. Go check it out for yourself and tell me I’m wrong.

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