Face a Reckonin’ in the First West of Loathing DLC

Face a Reckonin’ in the First West of Loathing DLC

West of Loathing, Asymmetric’s hilarious Western RPG, has released its first piece of DLC. Titled ‘Reckonin’ at Gun Manor,’ this DLC will have players exploring a spooky mansion, solving puzzles, and dealing with varmints.

I reckon it looks good

West of Loathing is a single-player comedy RPG set in the Wild West. As either a Cow Puncher, Beanslinger, or Snake Oiler, players head out West to explore an open world and encounter a variety of colorful characters. The game is heavily based on their browser-based MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing (I’m ‘WizarddudeX,’ if you play it), right down to the stats and stick-figure aesthetic. However, other than some references (such as a haunted pickle factory,) West of Loathing is completely separated from the previous title.

In Reckonin’ at Gun Manor, a ghostly carriage in the hub town of Dirtwater will take players to the new area. The announcement reads:

If you’re a particularly filthy person, you should rejoice. There’s another spittoon for you to dig in, you disgusting animal.

Reckonin’ at Gun Manor is available now for $4.99 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. It requires the base game in order to play.

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