Why the Sims Will Always be My Bae

Why the Sims Will Always be My Bae

Many people including myself grew up with the Sims as a staple in their PC collection. I don’t know about you, but I’ve realized more and more that the Sims will always be that comfort-net that I can retreat to when action PC games go too far and I need a ‘relaxing’ game. But why is the Sims my retreat among others? Why is it my forever bae?

Comfort of the Sims

The Sims provides this happy zone where you can just take control of the game and don’t have to deal with team mates like in Overwatch, or foes like in Apex. You are in command, and the scenarios and worlds you create are your own. For some this provides architectural happiness through making buildings and cities, for others there’s the interior design aspect, and for some like myself it’s creating Sims that have aspirations you want, and getting them to achieve it.

And others we’ll mention here briefly, are those who want to watch the world and their Sims burn.

We all know someone who just enjoys killing in the Sims.

But either way you play it, the Sims will take you out of your world and into a different one. Depending on your expansions from the original Sims to Sims 4, you’ll encounter vampires, aliens, talking gnomes, human-eating cow plants, magic, alongside the typical university, career and vacationing DLCs. They add-onto the game to give new experiences and options.

For some you’ll even find they enjoy creating fictional Sim-worlds, based on books, TV shows, movies, and video games. After all, with all the options in the Sims you’ll find the possibilities are limitless.

Back to comfort, the Sims is as relaxing and taxing as you make it. If you want to just sit back and watch them play, hit free-mode; and if you want full control then you get to make all the decisions; something we can’t have in life. It’s with that I can realize the Sims is relaxing because it’s all your choices, made your way.

Old-Style Playing

So where do the Sims come into this old-timey make believe ‘play time’?

The one biggest revelation I’ve discovered about my Sims play is it mimics the same style of ‘play time’ I mimic’d with my Barbies when I was a kid, but to an extent (much less dirty with death). I would design their outfits and accessories, set up scenarios they would be involved in, and from there my imagination would take grasp, as it does with the Sims. As a kid I would have the Barbie Jam ‘n Glam Bus alongside the Figure Skating Barbie from 1997 that all changed the make believe style of play time I had, just like Sims expansions change my game play.

And yes, I had the 1997 Olympic Skating Barbie and Jam ‘n Glam Bus.

So Why Do I Still Love the Sims?

I’ll forever love the Sims and attempt to get as much DLC as I can. I’ve spent hundreds of hours combined playing the original Sims through Sims 4, seeing how the game has developed over the past decade+ into what it is today. With the new expansions comes new options to play as/with, and that is the most enticing part of the game.

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