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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It is that time of the year where we get a lot of people fighting while inside a cage. It is the WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View event of the year.

Note before continuing: Our articles regarding WWE Pay-Per-View events are written as the event goes on. Minor updates are done before publishing so the views you find in here are those of the writer at the time of the event.

Kickoff Show

Buddy Murphy defends the title against Akira Tozawa. The match started fast, with Tozawa throwing the champ out of the ring, but after failing a move against the champ who was still outside the ring, everything went downhill for him.

Of course, disrespect towards the 205 superstars kept on going from the WWE, as they brought a promo from Xavier Woods and Big E backstage, about their teammate’s appearance in the Elimination Chamber match later on.

Tozawa retook ownership of the match, even hitting a huge reversal on top of the corner, with a super Hurracarana on the champ. Of course, either Murphy is awful at selling the hits he receive, or they are trying to make him look unbeatable, but as soona s they both got up, Murphy was dominating again.

The match was going back and forth, with Tozawa bringing the best moves, even hitting his finisher on Murphy, but while the champ was hanging from the second row, but Tozawa didn’t seem to be able to get a pin on Murphy, until the champ hit his finisher and got the win.


We get to see Charly Carusso interviewing Mark Henry, who says he is going with The Iiconics to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles, as well as Kofi Kingston coming out as WWE Champion. Seems like WWE has recovered a locker room captain!

This concludes the kickoff show and now, on to the main show of the Pay-Per-View!

Main Show

Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber Match

The match started with Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose against Bayley & Sasha Banks. Sasha and Bayley started dominating; however there was a change in roles and Mandy with Sonya started to cause some damage. Of course, things change fast.

The third team came in: Riott Squad. This could easily be their territory, in case they bring the most savage side of the team. They started hard, attacking both, Sasha and Bayley, until they were out of action.

We get a street fight in the middle of the ring between the remaining two teams, really good indeed. The whole fight ended up with a Superplex against Bayley and The Iiconics entering the match, just to start trying to pin everyone (besides Bayley, who was the last one they tried to pin…of course) and failing at it.

Now every other team is out, and we have The Iiconics vs Sasha and Bayley, but in the end, the latter always get out of any pin attempt against them. It is time for the fifth team to arrive: Naomi and Carmella.

The first near pin was from Naomi to Sarah Logan, but Liv saved her teammate. Now it was time for us to see every single finisher, which finished with everyone laying on the mat.

The first eliminated team was, surprisingly, Naomi and Carmella on the hands of The Iiconics!

Finally, the last team enters, and Nia Jax along with Tamina simply annihilated everyone. Ending with the elimination of The Iiconics, only for the Riott Squad to get to the action and start causing a lot of damage on Nia and Tamina.

The strategy in here is easy: go against Nia and Tamina. But Bayley and Sasha preferred to go first against Mandy and Sonya, then against Nia and Tamina and then against the Riott Squad.

The next eliminated team, unfortunately, was the Riott Squad. Now, Nia and Tamina attack Sasha and Bayley, but it ends with Nia going through one of the pods, in the fakest “reversal” ever, as Bayley never moved, Nia simply “failed” to end up with everybody attacking Tamina, ending with both of the teams pinning her while Nia was out of action.

The first champions will be either of the two teams to start the match.

No surprises here, Bayley and Sasha are the first Champions.

Just an interesting piece of information: with Sasha Banks and Bayley becoming the inaugural champions for the Women’s Tag Team division, every single one of the WWE Four Horsewomen have been the inaugural champions at one point.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Before the match started, Miz brought his wife Maryse to announce that she is pregnant again!

After this announcement and the legal problems the Usos faced earlier this week…is there any doubt the belts won’t be changing hands?

The match started and there’s no doubt in my mind that The Usos will lose. 100% of the time, Miz and Shane were dominating and when they were getting attacked, they reversed everything. Of course, we can’t have a one-sided match unless it is a Brock Lesnar match, so The Usos went full heel and started to work against The Miz.

At one point we see Shane hitting a Coast to Coast against one of the Usos, but the second one was reversed with a Superkick. Miz saved his partner and their championships when Shane was about to get pinned.

Have you ever seen Jimmy fail a move and hit Jey? Well, that’s what happened in here. Do you still have any doubts about who will win?

The match went through with Shane hitting his move on top of the announce table, only for Miz to end up being pinned. I’m really shocked this time, and this is what I like seeing.

Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match

Is it Finn’s time to shine with a title? We hope so, but this is an uphill road. Lio, though, might be Lashley’s Achilles Heel.

It was already expected to see Lio Rush acting as the bonus of the match. Every time Lashley is in troubles, he is intervening. Not only that, he is Lashley’s green card to take a break from the match.

When Lashley was about to finish Balor, Lio stole the tag but he failed his attack lon Finn. This was the end of it all. Finn went all in for this opportunity and ended up getting the pinfall on Lio and becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

RAW Women’s Championship

We start with a senseless interview with Charlotte Flair in the middle of the ring. Then the important started as Ruby Riott got in the ring, followed by the champion, who seems to be wearing a costume for her character in Mortal Kombat XI. Ronda should stick to this in-ring attire.

Of course, through the match, Ronda was dominating, and Ruby just running away from her. Super fast match, Ronda retains and now Ronda gets Charlotte to get to the ring.

Of course, we know there’ll be a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania, so Becky Lynch appeared and destroyed Charlotte. Then Ronda. Both ended up bleeding. Really forced storyline, but I like it.

No Disqualification Match

Why is Baron Corbin still fighting in Manager’s clothes? This is now stupid. How long until McIntyre gets in this match?

The first person to take advantage of the -lack of- rules of the match was Corbin, who took a Kendo Stick against The Monster Among Men, but it didn’t make much damage anyways.

I’m most certainly not a fan of how easily manageable the WWE is making Braun look lately. Seemed way too easy for Baron to get him down. This isn’t a Monster Among Men, this is just a really tall guy now.

Braun brought a table to the ring and hit his finisher through the table, but at the time he was going to pin Corbin, oh! Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley.

3 on 1 that’s the way to defeat Braun now.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Every superstar got to the chamber, Daniel Bryan comes out with Erick Rowan and gives one of his usual speeches during which, the referees took Rowan out of ringside. This is something I like seeing, the champion defending the belt coming first to the chamber.

What an awful belt! Sorry, but I entirely hate it. I also hate Bryan’s current persona.

The first two are Bryan and Joe. Bryan goes all coward and runs away as much as possible, until he couldn’t anymore. Then, Joe started to apply all the submission moves he knows, besides his finisher.

Now it was Kofi’s time. Daniel goes up at the top of Kofi’s pod while Samoa and Kofi fight; however, Kofi goes up there and fights him, until we get to see the first high risk move when Kofi throws himself against Bryan and Joe from the top of the steel cage.

Now we have AJ Styles coming in. Daniel Bryan goes all in against Styles, and we see the first hich speed fight now. Samoa goes against Kofi to try and get revenge, but AJ Styles eliminates him from the match right before Jeff Hardy gets into the match.

Now we see another high risk move from Jeff Hardy against AJ Styles as he hit a Swanton Bomb from the top of the pod while AJ was laying at the top of the corner, only to be hit by Bryan and eliminated.

It is time for Randy Orton to get in. He is super focused, acting as a pure viper. Slowly, strategically, perfectly. We lose our sights of Randy Orton for a while, but he was just calculating. Then, out of nowhere, he hits an RKO on AJ Styles and we now only have 3 superstars in the match.

When Randy was going to hit an RKO on Kofi, Bryan interfered and this ended with Randy getting hit by Kofi’s finisher and getting eliminated. It will be either Kofi or Bryan now. We want Kofi, but we don’t know just yet.

They went with everything they had against each other, Kofi even got to hit his SOS but Bryan kicked out of the pin. Who will win? We predicted Daniel Bryan, now we are hesitating.

This is back and forth, with the crowd going all for Kofi. We are going for Kofi too. Unfortuantely, he missed one move outside the ring, and this took out his momentum leading to Daniel Bryan hitting his finisher, but Kofi kicked out again!

Unfortunately, our prediction became a reality and Daniel Bryan was able to defeat Kofi and retain the title. This was certainly the best match of the night.

Final Thoughts

Elimination Chamber was a great event. We went from getting the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions to seeing new champions on pretty much every title match besides Ronda’s and Daniel Bryan’s. The low point of the even? Ruby Riott getting squashed. The high point? Kofi Kingston.

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