Apex Legends Datamine Reveals New Modes

Apex Legends Datamine Reveals New Modes

Like with Fortnite, modders are digging into the code of battle royale hit Apex Legends to see what’s coming. From what has been found, there may be new modes that change up the number of players in a squad as well as a Survival mode.

Going it alone

Like with Fortnite and PUBGApex Legends has players fighting each other on a single massive map. The main difference with Apex Legends is that players use unique characters with special abilities and are always in teams of three. However, that last part may be changing. Some time ago, Fortnite dataminer ‘ShiinaBR’ posted some finding on upcoming modes:

The post contains references to ‘Solo Mode’ and ‘2-Man Squad Mode’. This means players may have some new modes to look forward to.

Yesterday, VG24/7 posted some more news about potential game modes. According to them, a Twitter account called ‘@RealApexLeaks’ found info on another new mode simply called ‘Survival’. From what we know, this mode will feature new NPCs who will act as hosts or audience members. It’ll certainly be interesting to be playing with a crowd judging your performance. There’s also hints at there being ‘kill replays’ during that mode, so players can relive their deaths. The leak also hints that players will have to deal with a hover tank.

There’s very little else known about these modes. Some or all of these things may not make it into the main game. However, these certainly look like unique features for battle royale games. Respawn hasn’t hinted at any new modes yet, even on their roadmap. Still, given the game’s surprise release, stealth launches wouldn’t be out of character.


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