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Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors DLC – Out Now

Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors DLC – Out Now

The remake for the beloved fan favorite Resident Evil 2 has been out for a little over three weeks, and Capcom has already released a series of DLC missions titled The Ghost Survivors.

Warning: If you haven’t beaten the main campaign, and would like to avoid spoilers, please do not read this article. Much of what takes place in the DLC assumes you’ve already beaten both runs of the game with Leon and Claire. You have been warned!

A Night That Never Dawned

As mentioned at the end of our Resident Evil 2 review, Capcom stated that they would be releasing three free DLC scenarios known collectively as The Ghost Survivors. At the time, it was theorized that these missions would be an extension of the main story, but after playing through them that, unfortunately, isn’t the case.

There are three separate missions to complete straight out of the gate with one unlocked after playing through the first three.  These, instead, act as “what-if” scenarios that explore what might have happened if four of the doomed Raccoon City residents shown throughout the story had not met their untimely deaths. Each of the first three scenarios featured a new type of enemy which came with their own obstacles. Each mode serves as a time attack where the survivors must make their way to the end point, just like HUNK’s 4th Survivor mission.

However, unlike HUNK’s mission, there are opportunities to refill ammo and supplies by taking down zombies with backpacks or hitting up the various Goshapon-like machines littered throughout the map.


In “Runaway,” we take on the perspective of the mayor’s daughter, Katherine Warren. In the original game, Katherine is seen sprawled out, dead, on Chief Irons’ desk. While it’s hinted at heavily that he murdered her, it’s never blatantly stated. In the remake, we see her as Sherry in the orphanage. Here, she is also dead, but this time Irons is seen working on her cadaver as he plans to make her his masterpiece taxidermy subject.

In the DLC opening, it is shown that she was tricked into following Irons since her father trusted him and because he promised to bring her to her “special someone.” When he attacks her she is able to kill him instead, and her goal becomes to find Ben Bertolucci, the reporter Leon/Claire encounter in the main story who is trying to expose Irons and Umbrella. In the ending, it is implied that the two of them were lovers. This is considered the easiest of the four missions, although I personally found it to be one of the harder ones mostly because of the inclusion of the Pale Head zombies which regenerate and are difficult to kill. With them you must also face Lickers and Zombie Dogs. She mostly only gets a handgun as well as the flamethrower which made dealing with the new regenerative zombies a pain.

No Time To Mourn

In “No Time to Mourn,” players take on the role of famous gun shop owner Robert Kendo. Originally, he helped Leon and Claire as they made their way to the RPD building and ultimately died when zombies crashed through the window of his shop.  This time, however, he is encountered during the first run when Leon or Claire is making their way out of the RPD and to the sewers. It is here that we see that his daughter is infected and he is forced to take her out back and shoot her. Nothing else is known about him past this.

In the DLC opening, it is explained that he received a radio call from a colleague that they found a way out of the city.  It becomes his mission to fight through the city and make it to the extraction point. This is considered the medium difficulty of the four campaigns, but I found it to actually be the easiest one. The creatures you have to face are zombies, G-mutants, and poison zombies added to this mode specifically. When shot they emit a poisonous gas, and they can also inflict poison on you if you get bitten by them. Robert’s shotgun, along with all of the shotgun ammo you can craft, makes this mission a breeze.

Forgotten Soldier

In “Forgotten Soldier” we take on the role of the soldier who was on HUNK’s squad. Not much is known about him in either game aside from the fact that he was killed by Birkin while trying to retrieve the G-virus sample.

In the DLC, he is able to escape his fate and your goal is to reach the exit of the lab with the sample in hand. His is by far one of the hardest of the initial three as you are forced to take on Mr. X at the end of the level. Since he can’t be killed, you must either kite him or unload your strongest rounds on him. Along with the typical enemies, you must also fight off armored zombies. Unique to this mode, they cannot be damaged except for the area that is exposed. For instance, one may have their head exposed while others just their torsos or legs. You also have to fend off the Ivy plant zombies that can take you out with their insta-kill moves.

No Way Out

Completing all three of the first campaigns unlocks the fourth, “No Way Out.” In this mode, you take on the role of the Arklay Deputy Daniel Cortini. He is a completely new character created for the RE2 remake. At the beginning of the game, Leon encounters him while investigating a convenience store on the outskirts of Raccoon City. He walks into the back and distracts Daniel, who is immediately killed by a zombie he’s struggling with.

In this DLC mission, Daniel isn’t interrupted by Leon and is instead able to kill the zombie he’s struggling with. However, he quickly realizes he is surrounded and must take out as many of them as possible. This mode is basically a gauntlet where you must kill a certain amount of zombies before the round can end. At first, they come in a few at a time. However, by the end, they will do their best to swarm you. Unfortunately, all of the new enemies from the previous three missions also spawn. Fortunately for you, backpack zombies will bring you valuable guns and ammo.

Finishing the mission will bring up a cut scene where Leon comes in and saves Daniel. Implying that had things happened this way Daniel would have taken Claire’s place within the main game.


Completing each of the missions under certain conditions provides you with special headpieces. They don’t add much to the game, but for those who like to unlock everything in the game, they’re a fun way to challenge yourself.

New Skins

Along with the new DLC missions, two new DLC skins were released with this free update. Both Leon and Claire received what have been called their 98 costumes which change their models to their original polygonal versions.


Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors is now available for free on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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